The Beach Cake.

Hello! and welcome to my BEACH CAKE! This cake was made for my friends 21st birthday and he LOVES the beach 🙂

I Started out with some Gum paste decorations.  I made Green for the palm leaves and then printed out a leave shape and used a knife to cut out the shapes and then i let dry.

Along with the leaves i made TOWELS and the palm tree trunk.  The towels were easy, i rolled out the gum paste and then used a credit card to shape them.  For the palm tree trunks i rolled up little balls and then smooched them with my thumb to get the flat shape and then stacked them on top of each other.  They are held together with toothpicks.

Next up i made some chocolate shells.  i found a shell mold on clearance and thought it would made a perfect touch.  I bought chocolate and vanilla wafers and melted them in a double broiler and then filled the molds.  I refrigerated the chocolate until they popped out of the molds.

Next I made MARSHMALLOW fondant! i followed the wilton recipe and loved it.  It actually tastes good as opposed to the pre-made wilton’s fondant i have used previously.

NEXT UP: The BATTER… mmmm i made cookies and cream batter from scratch using a martha steward recipe my friend found in a cook book.  If you are interested i can post the recipe. ITS EXCELLENT.

Once the cakes cooled i rolled out my marshmallow fondant (which i dyed blue earlier using wiltons royal blue gel)

For the sand i put a bunch of graham crackers in the blender.  I used the chocolate around the bottom ❤ THEY ARE DELICIOUS TOO. I cheated a little with the crab but i couldn’t resist.  They are intended to scrap book use;)

Alright, now the palm trees began to worry me so i decided to make a structure system.  I took green wire and shaped it so that a loop would go beneath each palm leaf and they they would all connect.  The all connected into a longer stem which i then inserted into the base of the palm.  HOWEVER, i used duck tape around each look for extra bendability!.  I cheated slightly here too, i superglued the structure to the palm leaves instead of using royal icing.  I WAS REALLY WORRIED IT WOULD FALL APART! but alas it all worked out in the end! 🙂

I love how this cake turned out! I had it pictured in my head slightly different and made adjustments as i decorated but i think it came out cuter then i pictured.  I hope you agree!


About Sarah

I love to get completely absorbed in baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Decorating them and photographing them. :)
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