Bridal Shower Flower Mini Cupcakes!

I was asked to make some mini cupcakes for Scott’s Sisters Bridal Shower… As i was searching for inspiration i kept saving pictures of bright colors and knew i wanted to create 2 different cupcakes that were VERY colorful!

The batter is a White Chocolate Chip Raspberry cake with Cream cheese Frosting:

We adapted a white cake recipe found CupcakesTakeTheCake

We doubled the recipe to ensure we had enough mini cupcakes with some to spare, and it worked out perfectly.

And then we took some fresh organic raspberries and put them in the blender.  We used the juice and put 3 TBSP of it into the batter, along with 1.5 cups of white chocolate chips.  It was a THICK batter but made for a moist cake!

We had 2 cupcakes to design.

first up:

Purple wrapper, teal cream cheese buttercream with pink layered flowers and sprinkle center on those flowers… WE got to work!

The fondant was dyed and rolled.  We used the small and medium daisy cutout and “glued the two layers together with buttercream and added a bit of white sprinkled to the center with some more buttercream frosting.

We used a cream cheese frosting recipe from the book “500 cupcakes” delish.  I divided it in half and dyed half teal and half yellow.

First up… THE TEAL.. because i do not have the right sized tip to create the DOLLOP i wanted on top i just used a coupler and covered the side slit with masking take so it would come out circular!  I did 2 “PLOPS” on top and then placed the hot pink flowers on top of that..

Next up:

Teal Wrapper, yellow frosting and purple flower!

I took the yellow dyed frosting and did 1 “PLOP” because these flowers needed to be closer to the cupcake and droop over, unlike the first ones.

My mom helped out and made all our purple daisy cut outs! They were stayed into a 3 layered flower with a silver pearl in the center.

and FINALLY, the bride and groom

The bride is all white fondant with a second “heart shaped” layer to create a dress with shimmer on the dress layer and candy pearls to make the necklace.

The groom is technically 3 layers.  The bottom layer is a white circle for the shirt.  The second layer is black with a v down the middle to create the suit.  The 3rd layer is the front of the suit jacket and the bow tie and flower.  I think he came out GREAT, we have made these before and i love these better then our first run. We made our own templates for the bride and groom out of paper.

7 hours later:


About Sarah

I love to get completely absorbed in baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Decorating them and photographing them. :)
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2 Responses to Bridal Shower Flower Mini Cupcakes!

  1. Fran says:

    The cupcakes were exquisite looking and tasting,
    I forwarded your page to today

  2. lindseylu says:

    I LOVE these! Super cute.

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