Beach/Dolphin Cake

I as asked me to make a red velvet with with vanilla buttercream and turn it into a beach/dolphin theme.  So, here we go… i used this recipe for the red velvet and wow, SO GOOD.  I made the cake Thursday night and wrapped it up  in plastic wrap and refrigerated it over night.  FRIDAY was decorating day.

We put each cake layer on a cake board and I used this buttercream recipe to fill the layers.  We got to the crumb coating.

Then we dyed the fondant and covered each layer separately.  Once they were done we took wood dowels and cut hem to size and inserted 3 or 4 into each cake to keep them all together.  Then the scary part! We took ONE long dowel and hammered it down through all 3 tiers.

On to the waves.  We decided on light blue and white for the bottom tier and white for the middle tier.  I rolled out the fondant and used a pizza cutter to create random rolling waves.

I used a dolphin cookie cutter to make the dolphins for the second tier.  Then we spread some buttercream on top and used brown sugar for “sand”.  I found an adorable picket fence at AC MOORE that i just had to incorporate!  we pressed that into the second tier so it wrapped around the sand layer.

We used buttercream to “glue” some real shells to the cake and that was that!  I usually like to make my whole cakes edible but i was ok using real shells on this one because i think it helped it overall


About Sarah

I love to get completely absorbed in baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Decorating them and photographing them. :)
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