Disney Princess Cupcakes!

A while ago I was offered an opportunity to kind of freelance my cupcakes for a disney princess party company called My FairyTale Princess .  I had to make a trail batch so i could take of picture of them for her website.   SO HERE IT GOES!

I decided on 3D fondant princess’.  I simplified them a lot and made them all kinda cute and pudgy, I think it worked out well!

Each princess is about the length of a toothpick.  I dyed all my fondant all the colors that i would need.

Then i got to work.  I made little balls for the heads.  then i made little hot dog shaped pieces about 3/4 length of the toothpick and put the toothpick through them.  This created the base for the body.  I rolled out whatever dress color i needed and wrapped it around the “body” and built from there!  I will be making these again as long as everything goes well SO, next time i can do a STEP BY STEP picture tutorial for anyone interested!  These were all trail run but i think they ended up great!

I freaked out as i made them but what else is new! They grew on me with every passing minute.

Scott helped a lot! He basically came up with the design and did a lot of their hair! 🙂

FINALLY it was CUPCAKE TIME! I made Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes with Honey Cinnamon Cream cheese frosting! YYUUMMMMYYYYY  The frosting is TOTALLY my new favorite you should absolutely try it!

I used the 1M swirl which means this frosting is stiff enough to do that YAY!



About Sarah

I love to get completely absorbed in baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Decorating them and photographing them. :)
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