Disney princess: Ariel Cupcakes

Remember a few weeks ago i made some disney princess cupcakes to take a picture for a website 🙂 Well, i received and completed my first order last week for 18 Ariel cupcakes.

I made Marshmallow fondant that turned out great. On Monday I made all 18 Ariels so they would have some time to harden up by the weekend.  I refrigerated it for a few days and then dyed the colors i needed for ariels.  Red, Green, Purple and Peach! I dyed them with gel dye.

Here is my step by step Ariel Tutorial! I will do the other princess tutorials when i make them next!

Grab a little of the peach and roll it between your palms to make a circle to be the HEAD

Nw grab another piece of peach a little bigger then the head and rol it between your palms again.  However, this time after you get it to be a circle, make it slightly squared.  this is going to be her body!

Insert a toothpick through it so you can attach the head and the fins when ready

Next we are going to make her fins.  Grab some green fondant and make a ball.  Then shape it with your fingers to be more rectangular and bring it in a little towards the bottom:

Now attach to the toothpick

Now take some more green and make 2 little oval fins for the bottom and score them on the edges and apply a little water to attach them to the main body!

Next up is her bikini top 😉  Take some purple fondant and roll 2 tiny balls and score them and attach to body with water.  then you are going to make 2 very thin snake like tubes to attach to the sides to be the strings to the bikini top. I usually press the balls a little to make them slightly flat on top .

Next up is here beautiful red hair! You’ll need your red fondant

Roll it out to about a 1/4 inch thick.  You don’t want it to be to thin and rip and you also dont want it to be ti thick because then her bangs will look weird!  Then cut it into a sort of dome like shape.

Now attach the head to the rest of the body and lay her on top of her hair.  You want the bottom of the hair to fall just about to the top of her fin.

Now score the top of her head and apple water.  fold the hair over and shape to her head!

Now take some peach fondant and roll out tubes like to you did for the strings of her bikini.  We are baking her arms!

Cut them to the right length,arms should go to the hips.  Score the body and ends of arms and attach.

Ok! we are almost there!  I took wilton tip #81 and made the ridges in the fin for some texture with a design of 2 on top 1 in the middle and 3 on the bottom.

Now do all this OVER AND OVER AGAIN 🙂

I made an assembly line

I let them dry in open air for 5 days.  Once the head were hard enough i drew their faces on with edible ink.  I made the cupcakes with this recipe.  It came out GREAT… VERY VERY light and fluffy! It made me 2 dozen cupcakes.

While they were baking.  I made some very very fluffy frosting.   This is becoming my tried and true recipe! Its great for piping!  I dyed half light blue and left half white and then i put both colors alternated in a piping bag.  I used a 1M swirl and made “THE OCEAN”

AND DELIVERY! If you have any question feel free to ask!


About Sarah

I love to get completely absorbed in baking cupcakes, cakes and cookies. Decorating them and photographing them. :)
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